What is PainTracker?

UW Medicine's PainTrackerâ„¢ is an easy-to-use, computerized questionnaire that asks you how your treatment at the Center for Pain Relief is affecting your recovery. It can also help you and your health care provider understand how pain is affecting your life, things like your:

  • Everyday activities
  • Mood
  • Sleep

PainTracker will also ask you how satisfied you are with your treatment.

Why should I use PainTracker?

People come to the Center for Pain Relief with all sorts of injuries from all kinds of causes – from falling off a bike to falling off a mountain, from shingles to advanced medical and surgical disease.

PainTracker will help you and your health care provider see how pain is affecting you, and this will help you set and manage your treatment goals. PainTracker also asks you how well you can do things like walk, sit, get dressed, do your work, and other things.

You and your provider will use your answers to monitor your progress over time and make changes in your treatment.

When will I do PainTracker?

Please fill out PainTracker 1 week or less before each visit at the Center for Pain Relief. It's best to complete PainTracker before you get to clinic. But if you haven't done it yet, please arrive at least 1 hour early to do PainTracker at the clinic before your appointment.

What do PainTracker results look like?

The results page is called a "report." It is a combination of tables and graphs. Your current answers are added to your earlier ones, so your report will look different each time you do PainTracker.

Why do patients like PainTracker?

Using PainTracker throughout your treatment can help you set and adjust your goals as you recover.

PainTracker can also help you and your health care provider communicate better, since it gives you both the same information when you talk about your treatment goals and results.

Need help?

If you need help logging in or are having problems with PainTracker, please contact us:

Center for Pain Relief at UWMC - Roosevelt
Phone: (206) 520-5000

If you are still having problems, please plan to complete PainTracker at the Center for Pain Relief before your next clinic visit. Please arrive at least 1 hour before your appointment to do this.

Quality Improvement in Action: PainTrackerâ„¢ was developed by health care providers and researchers at the University of Washington Schools of Medicine and Nursing, and in collaboration with University of Washington Medical Center.